Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton

Taiji Tuesdays Brighton

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Taiji (Tai Chi) Tuesdays Brighton 8-9pm Every Tuesday from 16th April 2019

Beginners Welcome

Learn useful warm-up exercises and flowing movements through the theory and practice of Taiji*; an ancient art that has been attributed to provide many health benefits.

First sessions of the classes in Brighton include practicing: "Hanging Power", the 5 primary essences that we apply to moves in our form and the first pair of moves in our Part1 Taiji form.

Later on we will practice the Microcosmic Orbit Qi Gong, DaoYinShu - healing stretches applied to exercise in the form, and The 8-Silk Brocade - a sequence of exercises handed down through history attributed to having the best healing effects from Chinese historical Qi Gong.

At our friendly class you can learn easy-to-do daily exercises that may help you:


*: Increase Confidence
*: Increase Flexibility & Joint Mobility
*: Feel Relaxed and Yet Energised
*: Increase Blood Flow
*: Release Tension
*: Learn a Morning Practice to Start a Positive Day
*: Improve A Sense a Well-being


The form has martial applications that can be practiced. The increased sensitivity generated by practicing Taiji enables us to be more aware of potentially threatening situations so that we can avoid them...


Always check that you are okay to do exercise with your qualified medical practitioner prior to attending, especially if you have a medical condition.


Wear loose fitting clothes.

Date & Time: Every Tuesday Evening 8-9pm

Classes Brighton Location:  Dance studio, Brighton Institute of Comtemporary Theatre Training (BRICTT), Bird Studios, New England Street, BN1 4GW


PRICE: £10/£8 Concessions

£80 for 10 classes.


*: Lineage from my teacher Dr Leung YanKwai PhD, Vice-Chairman of National Internal Medicine (NeiDan) Research, BeJing University (AKA: ShiFu Shi DeLon, 31st Generation Lay Shaolin Monk); and his senior student ShiFu Jason Dean (AKA Shi XingLik, 32nd Generation Lay Shaolin Monk).

Contact Caspar, Brighton beginners classes, if you have any questions on Tel: 07849 890 975, or email brighton[@]daoyogi.co.uk